Innovation and Technology

We are a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the research, commercialization and development of pharmaceutical solutions for the treatment of catastrophic diseases such as Cancer, HIV, Organ Transplants, Pulmonary Hypertension, Hemophilia among many others.

Our philosophy is to integrate HB Human Bioscience with the patient, the attending physician and with the health service providers, whether public or private. This interrelation helps early diagnosis and adequate treatment of the disease, increases life expectancy, reduces suffering and avoids extra costs.

This chain of benefits translates into health and well-being for the patient, which is, after all, the challenge and main objective of HB Human BioScience.


Our mission is to substantially improve the quality of life of patients suffering from severe and infrequent pathologies, through high quality treatments, reasonable prices and wide coverage.


To alleviate the burdens that catastrophic illnesses imply for patients, their families and their nations. Work always pursuing excellence within the framework of ethics and respect for others. Expand our coverage to reach remote sites on the planet where our presence translates into health and well-being for the community.


  • Innovation
  • Passion
  • Transparency
  • Challenge
  • Empowerment
  • Teamwork
  • Compassion
  • Responsibility
  • Effectiveness


Our history begins in Colombia when the social reality made evident that an important part of the health sector was unattended. Due to a combination of factors such as high prices, wasteful bureaucratic processes and lack of infrastructure, the procurement of medicines for the treatment of catastrophic diseases or considered «rare diseases» were very difficult to obtain. After a serious investigation, it was concluded that this problem was not exclusive to Colombia but affected almost all the countries of the region. It was then that a group of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in medical, scientific, legal, financial and commercial matters, joined forces to create HB Human BioScience, a company dedicated to improving the quality of life of patients who require specialized treatments and medicines. . This mixture of experiences and knowledge meant that in a short time HB Human Bioscience consolidated its position as a leading company in the pharmaceutical solutions market for high risk patients. In the same way, HB Human Bioscience broadened the coverage and access of these treatments in the region and today has extended its field of action to the rest of the world.

Corporate governance

HB Human Bioscience has a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals that has consolidated the company as one of the most solid and prestigious in the pharmaceutical sector. Said team is led by Alejandro Pérez, who as General Manager is responsible for the day to day, projection and expansion of the company.

Under the guidelines of the Board of Directors and with the support of its team of professionals, HB Human Bioscience faces the challenges and challenges imposed by the global pharmaceutical industry.

Our team

Alejandro Pérez

Operational Manager

«Integrity and passion for our work are the keys that consolidate us as a reliable pharmaceutical company.»

Oscar Fernando Otálora

Operational Manager

«Together we can make a big difference by creating a better present and a better tomorrow»

Luz María Jaramillo

Communications and Public Relations Manager

«Ethical principles always govern our work»

Edgar Unibio Avila

Communications and Public Relations Manager

«Ethical principles always govern our work»

Jose Pablo Pérez

International Relations Manager

«Responsibility and commitment are the keys that guarantee our professional work»

Prafulla Naik

Representative for the Asian and African Region

«People and their needs are our priority»

Nancy Torres

Director of regulatory affairs

«Integrity is telling me the truth. Honesty is to tell others «

Sandra Rievera

Technical director

«When the storm winds blow, some run to take refuge … and others build windmills.» Dutch Proverb

Dalida Pineda

Director of research and development

«Mysticism in the profession makes our actions an inspiration»

William Jose Castellano Mesa

Administrative Sales Manager

«Leadership is about taking responsibility, not about making excuses»

Alejandra Montoya Soto

Coordinator of Quality and Human Talent

«Each right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation, every possession, a duty «

Elix Teodoro Ramos

Director Médico